5 Top Mistakes New Spray Tanning Technicians Make When Starting to Spray Tan

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Today I just wanted to quickly write a blog post about the mistakes many new Spray Tanning Technicians make.  I teach new spray tan technicians every week so I can see the same pattern again and again.  But don’t worry about it, it’s normal to make mistakes at the beginning and this is why it’s so important that you practice before you actually spray tan a paying customer. Remember, when a customer pays you money they expect you to give them a perfect tan and that’s what you need to give them in order to have the customer come back again and again.

Spray Tan Mistake #1: Spray Tan Technician sprays with uneven distance throughout the body – sometimes they spray close to the body and as they continue spraying, they move out further and further – this will make the tan come out uneven and shows up lighter or darker in some areas.

Spray Tan Mistake #2: Spray Tan Technician sprays too much solution on to the body – I can’t stress this very important part.  When you spray too much solution on to the body, the client can turn out orange and has bad fading experience.

Spray Tan Mistake #3: Spray Tan Technician forgets to set the spray gun nozzle the right way.  What I mean with that is…they set the spray gun on horizontal settings and then spray vertical  or set the nozzle to the vertical settings and then spray in the horizontal mode.  The tan will turn out with stripes.

Mistake#4:  Spray Tan Technician forgets to spray the hands or feet or in the back of the feet.

Mistake #5:  Spray Tan Technician does not wear protective mask to protect their own health.  From experience, I know that you should not inhale the solution and I know that you can not see the overspray of the solution, but trust me, it’s there.  Longterm exposure can result in you getting asthma or other lung conditions so I always recommend wearing a good protective mask.

There are of course other mistakes new spray tan technicians make but the above mention mistakes are the most common ones I see.  This is why I feel it’s important that new spray tan technicians need practice in order to get the confidence level to actually spray tan customers.  In my training course I provide 3-4 models to each student and I’m right next to each student correcting them on the proper technique and also how to handle customers.  If you want to get a head start on learning spray tanning the right way, I encourage you to sign up for my spray tanning class.

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Simone is the founder and trainer of the Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy. She is also a spray tanning business owner and has her own professional airbrush tanning location in Studio City, California. Studio City is located in Los Angeles and very close to Universal Studios. Simone's loves to help others have a successful spray tanning business and this is why she teaches every week. She also continuously enjoys keeping in contact with all students and hopes that one day, they will become trainers within their city/state. Prior to starting her own airbrush tanning business, Simone worked for over 18 years in Human Resources. She held Human Resources Director positions in several companies and was responsible for Training more then 800 employees. She feels that this background has prepared her to teach and give back to others.

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