Learn How To Do Bodybuilder Spray Tanning And Earn $120-$150 per Spray Tan

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It’s been a while since I made an update in our blog here and it’s because I am training new spray tanning entrepreneurs every week and it’s keeping me very busy.  I am very excited to see men and woman fly here from all over the world to take my spray tanning certification classes and I see every week how everyone is becoming more and more successful.

I really feel that airbrush tanning will be one of the most requested beauty services in the world one day because we get people looking tanned within only 10 minutes. And when you really know all the right solutions to use with a perfect spray tanning technique, then you will never turn anyone orange.  And this is why you should consider spray tanning training so you will never turn anyone orange.

learn how to do bodybuilder spray tans

Bodybuilder spray tanning

Today I had the opportunity to do a bodybuilder spray tan on Kaitelin.  She is the owner of Bar Method in Encino and we had to work really hard to get her this dark.  She is originally very fair so we started on her tan on Thursday and today (Saturday) we finally got her ready for her competition.  We use different products on bodybuilders in order to get them really dark.  When you see her in natural day light, she looks a bit too dark and unnatural but once she goes on the stage, she will look just fine and it will bring out her muscles.

If you want to get into this lucrative industry and learn how to do bodybuilder spray tanning and earn $120-$150 per bodybuilder spray tan then please feel free to read more about my spray tanning classes here on this website or on my other website at or feel free to call or text (818) 674-9621.  In my training you will learn everything about sunless tanning in addition to what machines and solution are out on the market.  I don’t sell any products, I just give education on all the machines and products on the market and then you can decide which is best for you.  Of course I will also share with you what I use 🙂

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Simone is the founder and trainer of the Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy. She is also a spray tanning business owner and has her own professional airbrush tanning location in Studio City, California. Studio City is located in Los Angeles and very close to Universal Studios. Simone's loves to help others have a successful spray tanning business and this is why she teaches every week. She also continuously enjoys keeping in contact with all students and hopes that one day, they will become trainers within their city/state. Prior to starting her own airbrush tanning business, Simone worked for over 18 years in Human Resources. She held Human Resources Director positions in several companies and was responsible for Training more then 800 employees. She feels that this background has prepared her to teach and give back to others.

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