How I got started

My story on how I got started in the Spray Tan Business:

Hello and thanks for visiting my site.  My name is Simone and I am a certified Spray Tan Technician located in Los Angeles, California.  Living in Los Angeles is wonderful because the weather here is always so beautiful.  But I have one problem… I can not be in the sun, not even 5 minutes without getting a sunburn.  I did tanning beds for about 5 years when I was 25 but then I started to notice wrinkles in my face…and who wants to have wrinkles at such a young age. So then I used self-tanning creams for many years but it has always been a pain making sure it is applied evenly without any streaks.

Then I started to explore spray tanning.  A friend of mine took me to Las Vegas and we both got a nice spray tan together.  The spray tan technician did it out of her house.  I was so amazed by the outcome, that I never wanted to be without it.  I always received so many compliments about how natural it looked.  And I felt so much more confident and prettier with a tan. Noone ever noticed or knew that I had a fake tan on.

I then got the idea of doing it as a business since it’s becoming more and more popular, also due to the fact that when you are going to tanning beds now, you are being charged tanning taxes.  So what does that tell you?  Tanning beds are really bad for your skin and can expose you to prematurely wrinkling your skin or maybe even give you cancer.

Before I started the business, I did a lot of research on equipment, licensing, solutions, legal requirements and so on.  It took me 3 month every day to do a lot of reading, speaking with people, doing research on where to purchase etc.  etc. etc.

When I finally purchased my equipment, I just spray tanned friends and families.   I became so good at it and they all encouraged me to start doing this professionally.

I then looked to open up a location.  I found a private gym in Tarzana, California and they rented a room to me so I could start marketing my Spray Tan business.  And to make a long story short, after only a few month, I was so busy spray tanning sometimes 15 customers a day.   You can find out more about me by typing in Google “Airbrush Tanning in Tarzana” and you will notice that my website ( comes up at least 3-5 times on about 9 pages.

Now how did I do all that? This is exactly what I want to share with you in my 1 day hands-on Spray Tan Technician course. Now this is the only Spray Tan Training you will ever need so click here to read more on what I offer you.

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